Founded in 2011, The CAUSEGEAR brand was established to transform the lives of one million people trapped in unfathomable poverty and injustice and enable them to become self-sustaining.

As consumers in a global economy, we believe our purchases play a vital role in the lives of those who make the things we enjoy. Designed in Chicago and handcrafted in India, CAUSEGEAR goods provide an opportunity to make a sustainable difference for those who make our fashion.

Today, 2.8 billion people live in poverty. When jobs don’t provide for life’s essentials, many end up in slavery. The CAUSEGEAR work model is a sustainable alternative to handouts and a dignified pathway out of poverty. The income provides for the crafter and three people that depend on them.  A self-reliant pathway begins to change the legacies left behind.

Each bag is meticulously handcrafted with the face tag of one of the crafters who made your gear. CAUSEGEAR is a L3C social enterprise with 90% of profits benefiting crafters.

On average, 1 CAUSEGEAR item provides 1 DAY of life’s essentials (food, clean water, clothing, housing, medical, and education) for 4 PEOPLE.