Prosperity Candle

There's a story behind every candle we pour. 

In 2009, three like-minded people got together. Each of us had been working in different places in the world to help lift families out of poverty and wanted to do something more. What inspired us most was the idea of creating opportunities for female artisans to thrive. 

So was born Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise that supports refugees and artisans through candlemaking and beautifully crafted vessels easily refilled or repurposed for a lifetime of enjoyment.



Our sketches showing Prosperity Candle values for fair trade soy blend candles handmade by women artisans

Every candle is hand poured by a female artisan who building a brighter future for herself and her family. Our artisans are using the highest quality waxes, natural cotton and wood wicks, and premium fragrances made with essential oils. We never add any dyes or enhancers.