About Vineworks:

Michael Larson created Vineworks in 2013 after his first mission trip to Haiti. Overwhelmed by the plight of so many homeless, destitute people, he returned home with the resolve to take action. He began with the simple idea of hiring artisans in Haiti to create Christmas ornaments. The ornaments were then sold in the U.S., and 50% of the profit was sent back to the country to help support more working opportunities through small business loans, education, churches, and medical care.

To date we have sourced over 100,000 items from artisans around the world creating hope through job creation. We continue with the commitment of giving back 50% of the profit to the country where the item was produced. 

Our Mission:

Vineworks is a socially responsible company that partners with artisans around the world to give them access to the U.S. marketplace and pay them a fair trade wage. We are committed not only to providing jobs at fair wages, but to giving back 50% of the profit to the country where the product was produced. With that money, we provide and support worthy causes such as, education, micro-loans, medical care, feeding programs, and churches.

What is our purpose?

We believe in our lives that our orthodoxy (beliefs) must match our orthopraxy (practice). In other words, there should always be consistency between what we say we believe and how we live our lives. 

The purpose of Vineworks is to provide a platform to sell outstanding fair trade products. We are a for-profit company that operates with a non-profit mindset. We partner with companies that are committed to the fair trade principles of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). 

We are not manufacturing affordable goods for mass consumption. We are more concerned with providing sustainable jobs for men and women and selling their hand-crafted items through the ethics and standards of fair trade. We hire the artisans and pay them upfront. They make the product, and we provide the platform for them to sell their products on our global website. We give back 50% of the profit to the country where the product was produced to be used for micro loans, education, clean water, food, etc. Our goal is to alleviate poverty through job creation.