Fundraise with Vineworks

Interested in fundraising with Vineworks? We have several different options that allow you to raise money for your non-profit, church or missions trip that also gives back to artisans around the globe.

  • Wholesale - You can order Vineworks ornaments, jewelry or metal art at a significant discount (usually 45-55% off) and then sell it to raise money. If you run out of any items we are quick to ship more to you.
  • Events - You can have a selection of Vineworks ornaments, jewelry or metal art at your event. After the event, simply pay for what you sell and keep between 35-50% of the revenue.
  • Online - This is the easiest option. Let us generate a unique code that you can distribute. We take care of shipping all orders and you earn 30% on all sales that use your code.

For more information send us an email at