What is our purpose?

We believe in our lives that our orthodoxy (beliefs) must match our orthopraxy (practice). In other words, there should always be consistency between what we say we believe and how we live our lives. 

The purpose of Vineworks is to provide a platform to sell outstanding fair trade product. We are a for-profit company that operates with a non-profit mindset. We partner with companies that are committed to the fair trade principles of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO):

  1. Create opportunities for the economically and socially marginalized

  2. Develop transparent and accountable relationships

  3. Build capacity

  4. Promote fair trade

  5. Pay promptly and fairly

  6. Support safe and empowering working conditions

  7. Ensure the rights of the children

  8. Cultivate environmental stewardship

  9. Respect cultural identity


We are not manufacturing affordable goods for mass consumption. We are more concerned with providing a sustainable job for men and women. Selling their hand crafted items through the ethics and standards of fair trade. We hire the artisans and pay them upfront. They make the product. We provide the platform for them to sell their products on our global website. We give back 50% of the profit to the country where the product was produced to be used for micro loans, education, clean water, food, etc. Our goal is to alleviate poverty through job creation.